The Only 5 Exercises You’ll Ever Need

When it comes to exercising the body, there are thousands of ways to twist, bend, curl, and jump. However, to avoid any injury due to negligence, you need to take extreme caution and consult with a trainer to help you put some safety guidelines in place, instead of just jumping into a workout routine and hurting yourself. And the three things you’ll need are the willingness to work out, a weighted object, and your body. Done.

Let’s take a look at the only 5 exercises you’ll ever need to get and keep your body fit:

Squats for a strong lower body.

This is probably the most natural movement for the body. It engages all the lower body muscle groups by performing the perfect squat to strengthen those thighs and sexy calves.

To spice your squats up, adding in a few variants like a single leg squat, split leg squat, and dumbbell squat.

Put some hinges on those hips.

This one involves minimal bending which creates a backward weight shift through the hips, and if done as instructed, you’ll have yourself a strong back, firm & sexy butt, and nicely shape hamstrings.

To shake it up a bit combine it with some of these variants: sumo deadlift, stiffed-legged deadlift, and lying hip extension.

The overhead press.

Girls, you can benefit from this one too, but the guys will get the most out of this exercise. If you want a pair of finely shaped and buff looking shoulders, then the overhead press is the move that will accomplish just that. After a few of these under your belt, you’ll be able to carry your girlfriend, wife all around the house. If you know what I mean.

Combine it with a military press, dumbbell overhead press, and handstand push-ups.

Let’s row that boat.

This one was invented with the back muscles in mind. It targets the back muscles that are integral to your spinal alignment and the row aids in keeping your posture straight and in good shape.

To keep it interesting throw in a few variants like a single-arm dumbbell, bent over row, and barbell row.

Take it to the chest.

The chest is one of those muscle groups, that if executed correctly, can make you look ripped. And because it’s one of the largest muscles on your body, a chest press can really bring all of the other muscle groups front and center, giving you a delicious body to be in and also look at.

Switch up your chest press with a couple of variants like incline chest press, pushup, and dumbbell chest press.


These 5 exercises do not ask for a gym subscription. Neither does it ask for expensive equipment in order for you to reap the benefits. What it does ask is self-discipline, perseverance, and focus.

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