What is the best home workout program?

Nowadays, home workout is trending as it allows people to keep the figure and be healthy without getting out. Technology plays an important role as you can find many routines and diet plans on the internet. However, one should be meticulous when choosing a program as not all of them are well done to guarantee good results. Thus, after looking up. we have found the best home workout program: Bikini Body Guide (BBG). This program lasts 12 weeks and it combines both strenght and cardio in routines of 28 minutes. It was created by Kaila Itsines, an Australian trainer that will help you transform not just your body but also your lifestyle. As the program progresses, the level of demand will be increased as the idea is to work alongside your physical condition.

There are two options to have access to the program: buying the e-book H.E.L.P for $48 that comes with a 14-day meal plan in order to complement the workout with a good and balanced diet, or paying $20 per month for an app membership in which you will get different tips and more information about other programs.

One advantage of the BBG program is that even though you do not have all the materials and equiments needed at home, they provide several substitutions for you to do the exercises successfully. The same happens with the diet plan; they include different options for you to choose and there is even a vegetarian menu.

As you can see, this is a very integral program that will help you meet your goals. It gives you a combination of high-intensity interval training to guarantee an improvement in your physical condition as it challenges your muscles in each routine, and to topt it all, it advises you on the food you should eat.

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