What vegetable destroys your gut?

You probably don’t think about what the food you eat is doing after you digest it. Well maybe you should start giving it a thought and do your body a favor. We were all told to make sure you eat your vegetables. However, can some vegetables be destroying your gut? There could be some that are. Some vegetables contain a large amount of lectin.

What is lectin?

Lectins are naturally occurring proteins that are found in most plants. They stick to the cell membranes inside the digestive tract and bind into sugars. They also serve as a protective function as the plants grow. Lectins can be found most in nightshade vegetables. What is a nightshade vegetable? Nightshade vegetables are plants that prefer to grow in a shady area. Some of these vegetables are, tomatoes, and potatoes. Yes, a potato is considered a vegetable even if it’s a starch. Now let’s talk about why lectins are bad for you. Lectins are not digestible. This can cause gastric discomfort.

Although this sounds bad, there is very little research done on lectins in humans so don’t be too afraid. Tomatoes have lots of seeds as we all know. Due to this there is a high amount of lectins. This can cause the proteins to bind to the wall of the stomach. You can still have tomatoes just maybe be careful your not eating too much. Maybe even substitute some for another healthy vegetable. Potatoes also have a high amount of lectins.

Consuming too much can lead to problems, so remember this next time you want to eat more fries or have seconds on mashed potatoes. Even though this can cause problems potatoes can still be a healthy source of vitamins and minerals. You should still eat your vegetables every day, just be careful and watch how much you are consuming.

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