7 Reasons Why You Should Sleep On Your Left Side

Getting enough healthy sleep is one of the crucial things to human well-being. Sleeping on your left side is the best way to wake up in the morning energetic and cheerful. In the following article, we will go through 7 reasons why you should sleep on your left side which will help you maintain healthy habits.

Firstly, lying on your left side will relieve back pain as it takes the pressure off your spine, maintaining a natural position through the night. Moving on, the next reason is that it improves your digestion, as it is no secret that our body digests food even when we are asleep. This is because the stomach lies on the left side of your abdomen so lying on it will improve the speed of your digestion.

Furthermore, it prevents snoring by pushing the muscles to your throat. It is worth mentioning that snoring, while it is very annoying, can also potentially damage your health so you should try your hardest to prevent it. Additionally, sleeping on your left side improves the general well-being of your heart, as it helps lymph drainage towards your heart, which makes you more energetic and rested in the morning. Another reason is that it helps the natural blood flow throughout your body, which is especially beneficial if you usually suffer from a lack of proper blood circulation.

Sleeping on your left side also helps people who suffer heartburn after eating something particularly hot or spicy, as the studies show that heartburn can often be heavily associated with sleeping on your right side. The last reason on this list is specifically catered towards pregnant women. Lying on your left side keeps a natural blood flow for both bodies involved and relieves the pressure on the unborn’s spine which are two crucial reasons when it comes to maintaining a healthy pregnancy.

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