7 Symptoms of Prediabetes You Shouldn’t Ignore

Prediabetes is no joke. Not only is it a stage that some people go through before they develop Type 2
diabetes (with roughly 11% developing the latter within 3 years of being diagnosed with the former). It is
also a warning sign that you still have a chance to make some changes in your life before it becomes too late.
One of the worst things about diabetes in general and prediabetes especially is that despite receiving more
warnings than David Banner gives about making him angry, some people just do not get the hint that they
have a potentially life threatening, (not to mention life harming), illness that they have plenty of opportunity
to render a complete non-issue. Below are symptoms of prediabetes you shouldn’t ignore:

  1. Tingling the feet at random times,:
    If you think that you may have symptoms of diabetes, such as the traditional tingling in your feet at random
    times, you might want to get tested at your next physical. The great thing about Type 2 diabetes is, it isn’t
    cancer or HIV, where every day you might just be knocking another day off of your “short time to live”
    diagnosis. You can live a long, productive life with diabetes, provided you don’t do anything foolish. And if
    you only have prediabetes, you can make actual Type 2 diabetes itself into a non-issue. Getting tested really
    isn’t urgent, but it can be very important.
  2. Family history of Type 2 diabetes:
    Another reason why you might want to get tested would be if you have a family history of Type 2 diabetes.
    If more than one member of your family has it, you most likely have a family history of it. If even one of
    your ancestors (especially one of your parents or grandparents), has or had Type 2, getting tested should be
    bumped a step upward in the old “to do” list. While it might be a serious drag to find out that you have the
    precursor to diabetes, it is a whole lot worse to find yourself wondering why you keep passing out if you
    don’t eat something sugary every few hours. And if you really want to put the different levels of annoyance
    into perspective, imagine losing a limb. Getting tested versus losing a limb or going blind… if that’s even a
    decision to you, you might need to get more checked out than just your blood.
  3. Being overweight:
    One final reason why getting checked for prediabetes might be a wise idea is if you’re overweight. Your
    weight is closely tied to your health, so being overweight can be a significant risk factor for Type 2 diabetes.
    And if you are overweight, your likelihood of getting diabetes has more than doubled versus if you were
    Fortunately, you can do something to improve your condition and prevent Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. By
    adopting a healthier lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a wholesome diet and weight maintenance, you
    maintain your health and help prevent future conditions.

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