9 Foods to Get Rid of Pain Naturally

Pain killers can provide effective and quick pain relief, but in the long run, they can put more pressure on the person’s health. They can raise the risk of stomach ulcers, gastritis, constipation, intestines, damage the kidneys and liver inflammation, and altered intestinal flora, among others. Fortunately, nature has provided many foods to get rid of these pain natural. These food offer natural analgesic benefits which is combined with better tissue structure and health. If you’re in pain, you can try these foods as part of your daily meal. Here are 9 foods to get rid of pain naturally.

1. Cherries

Cherry compounds called anthocyanins are known to get rid of pain. This can be block pain signals or inflammation. There is the study showing that sour cherries can also relieve sore muscles after exercise and reduce the possibility of muscle damage.

2. Turmeric

This pain relieve food is mainly recommended for the joint pain and the inflammation, which include fibromyalgia and any other inflammatory disease, because of its curcumin content. If you need to add more turmeric to your life, you can try some delicious recipes like turmeric-mango smoothie, turmeric-peach smoothie, turmeric biscuits with vegetable pulp and sweet potatoes, turmeric soup, and carrots.

3. Ginger

Ginger has pain relieve effects for migraines, muscle pain, and arthritis. It is also effective against menstrual cramps as ibuprofen. There are excellent recipes for juices that contain ginger such as carrot, ginger and apple, green ginger, apple, blackberry ginger, and green carrot.

4. Fish oils

To eat fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids is one of the foods to get rid of pain naturally for it improves blood circulation and also reduce inflammation in muscle and nerves cells. Fish oil is correspond to ibuprofen essentially in several studies to relieve arthritis and other forms of pain. The vegan options which is for omega-3 fatty acids are chia seeds, hemp seeds, nuts, and flax seeds.

5. Rose hip

Many studies have been conducted demonstrating the benefits of using rose hips to get rid of pain. There is the significant reduction in medication consumption and pain after 3 weeks and a significant reduction in disability, stiffness and disease severity after three months of treatment. Essentially, this can be from tea, vegetable capsule, or powder.

6. Pineapple

The content bromelain can be used to get rid of pain and also used as an agent after an injury. Eating cup a day provides pain relief. Also pineapples can be used to help the sleep. Enjoy various pineapple recipes which are best in the body.

7. Magnesium

Magnesium is found in dark green leafy veggies, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate. And legumes which are very important electrolytic nutrient that supports muscle and nerve function. Generally, this can be effective for muscle pain, muscle pain, restless legs syndrome, tight muscles, and among others.

8. Vitamin D.

This is one of the foods to get rid of pain naturally. The low level of vitamin D found in the body are related to chronic pain reliever. Muscle and skeletal pain are the well-known symptom when there is severe deficiency of vitamin D.

9. Herbal Remedies

These are some of the herbs which are used to relieve pain. Pain relieving herbs like Jamican Dogwood, Devil’s Claw, California Poppy, Ginger, Kava, Boswellia, Willow Bark, and capsaicin (pepper), among others can relieve the pain. You need to soak 1 cup of the Epsom salt regularly in the warm bath to enable transdermal magnesium absorption.

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