Water in your ear? Here’s what needs to be done

You get sick only of the thought of water in your ears, and it is especially difficult to endure the hum, the drumming, and the unbearable pain. Here’s how to fix this problem very quickly

Many people struggle with water in their ears during the summer,( and not only during the summer but most often it happens then), which can only be avoided if you do not dip your head while swimming. But then there is no complete enjoyment, and in addition to being uncomfortable, there is a risk of ear infection.

Here are a few ways how to fix it so you can relax.

Create an ear vacuum

Position the ear from which water will not flow out into the palm of your hand, and then press the palm toward the inside. This will create a gentle vacuum to draw water out of your ear.

A vacuum can also be made with your finger. Turn your ear down, slide your finger in, and quickly pull it out. Repeat the process until the water is out. The finger must be clean. Also, try massaging your ear clockwise.

Jump on one leg

Tilt your head to the side where the ear is full of water, stand on one foot and jump. At the same time, pull the earlobe as it may slightly widen the ear canal.

Try yawning

Yawning helps as much as chewing, as the bones around the ear move. This can give relief, move the water and encourage it to come out.


Three percent hydrogen peroxide is a well-known antiseptic used to clean and disinfect wounds such as burns and scratches. It is also used to clean the ear when water enters after swimming or showering. Pour the hydrogen into the clogged ear and wait a few minutes for it to work, then dry the ear with a tissue paper.


Make a dilution to dry your ears. A good dilution is a mixture of equal amounts of 5% acetic acid (vinegar) and isopropyl alcohol (95% is the best). The acid in the mixture acts to dissolve cerumen (ear wax) which can hold some water in the ear canal.

Valsalva maneuver

Close your mouth, close your nose, and exhale slowly (to your nose).

When doing this, you must be careful and gentle so you do not damage the eardrum.

Antiseptic ear drops

You can also try antiseptic ear drops, especially if your water has been in for a while and you are afraid of infection. Pour two to three drops into your ear, and turn your ear down. The water should drain along with the drops. You can buy these drops at a pharmacy.

If the ear is clogged with water, many patients reach for cotton swabs. Doctors think this is bad because the cotton parts can easily get stuck in the auditory canal and thus make the situation worse.

Especially when moistened, the cotton part gently falls off the sticks and the cotton particles can further irritate and increase the risk of infection.

If none of this helps, contact your doctor for help and prevent a bigger problem.

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